Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ok, here's another post for you. Enjoy :)

1. Keep moving
It's never a good idea to sit on your butt and not move while trying to stay awake. Set an alarm about every half hour (if you don't want to wake everyone up, vibrate works fine) and every time it goes off walk around the house a couple times. If you're a fidgetor like me, this isn't as much of a problem but if you're one of those people who can just sit still for an hour, you need to be careful

2. Cold air
It's absolutely impossible to fall asleep when you're freezing cold. Ok, not impossible, but hard. I'm not saying you should turn on the air conditioner in December, but in the summer when it gets stuffy just open up a few windows, turn on a fan, drink iced water. In December just turn off the heat (or turn it down depending on where you live) and replace the heavy blanket with a sheet. Stay comfortable, but don't let yourself get too warm. DO NOT make the house freezing or you'll feel like it's worth falling asleep just so you can prevent frostbite. Also your body expands a LOT of energy keeping your body at a normal temperature and you do not want deplete your energy source. Just keep it cool.

3. Do random crap
If you're staying up late for fun and not for homework, do anything you can think of to keep busy. Watch a movie, play an online game, paint your nails, pick out an outfit for the next day, write hate e-mails to your worst enemy then delete them, research random stuff (this works very well for me; once I typed in "coffee" and spent literally an hour reading a long but interesting article about coffee plants and different kinds of coffee drinks), search videos on Youtube, play a game on Facebook, ect. I have another blog on here about stuff to do when you're bored, maybe you could check that out. If you're staying up to do homework, however, I recommend getting that done ASAP

4. NEVER lye down
If you lye down, you're body thinks you're going to sleep and will start going to sleep. It's best to keep away from your bed, but if you feel the need to go in your room to read sit or stand, and don't use the covers or you WILL get drowsy.

5. Listen to music
This is a good tip. Any music really, obviously a fast beat is best but slow works too. Just turn it up really loudly.

6. Exercise at your own risk
If you feel drowsy, doing a few jumping jacks or sit-ups will help you snap out of it but depending on how in shape you are this could backfire on you. I mean, if you go outside and do a 2 mile jog you're going to want to crash. 5 sit-ups is safer, but if you have no abs it is possible to result in sleepiness.
Your best bet is to do some stretches, to just get up and moving. A bit of exercise will get more adrenaline into your bloodstream but stretching won't wear you out. Even if you're just doing 5 jumping jacks, if you keep dozing off every ten minutes and getting up to do jumping jacks, it'll eventually make you sleepier.

7. Set your alarm clock
If there's no one in your house who will be bothered by it, set your alarm clock. If you don't generally wake up to an alarm, then just set it to something really loud. But if you do wake up to an alarm every day then hearing that ring will make your brain think: Alarm = morning = wake up! But just a sudden loud noise will do the trick. If you don't want to constantly have an alarm going off and risk everyone waking up, then quickly set it if you feel yourself starting to fall asleep.

Keep the brightest light possible on at all times. Darkness = night = sleep. Lightness = day = wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! Simple as that

Bye!! I'll post more later if I think of something else.

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